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Welcome to the home page of The Rebbe's Orkestra in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The Rebbe's Orkestra (left to right): Randy Edmunds - guitar; Beth Cohen - violin, mandolin & tenor banjo;
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb - percussion & storytelling; Barbara Friedman - electric bass; and Barbara Basinger - accordion.

The Rebbe's Orkestra is an exciting group of musicians who have been performing and celebrating simchas (happy occasions) in the Southwest since 1996. The band plays an international and eclectic variety of Jewish music (and some not-so-Jewish music): Klezmer (Jewish instrumental music of Eastern Europe), Middle-Eastern and Israeli, Yiddish theater and folk songs, Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish), Spanish New Mexican, Mediterranean, Balkan, Roma (Gypsy), even Jewish Jazz and Chamber-style music (known as table music).

The Rebbe's Orkestra plays for concerts, wedding ceremonies and receptions, bar/bat mitzvah parties, baby namings, educational workshops and concerts, dance parties, festivals, specialty and theme concerts, you name it! The band has even created, produced and performed two musical theater pieces.

CONTACT: Beth or Randy (505) 243-6276,

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