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What we do...

The Rebbe's Orkestra presents exciting and educational concerts. You don't have to be Jewish (but it can't hurt!) to feel uplifted by the joyous melodies of the freylekh (joyous tune), khosidl (Chassidic dance tune), and Yiddish theater and folk songs. Audiences also enjoy the diversity and variety added by the band's unique arrangements of Israeli folk songs/ dance tunes, as wella as Sephardic and Middle Eastern music. Band members give brief introductions to each piece about its history, source(s), pertinence to Jewish culture and other cultures, and its musical arrangement. Traditional improvisational techniques of doina, taxim, and vorshpiel are used freely. Some of the musical pieces may also be interwoven with stories told by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb. The Rebbe's Orkestra's concerts have also been enhanced by the guest performances of their talented friends who are singers, instrumentalists and dancers.

Wedding ceremonies  
With the knowledgeable guidance and expertise of Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, the band has orchestrated a traditional musical Jewish wedding. Beginning with 15-20 minutes of music as your guests arrive, this musical welcome segues into a warm introduction by the Rabbi as she explains the order of the ceremony and teaches your wedding guests the traditional wedding song Dodi Li (from the "Song of Songs"). The Rabbi makes the appropriate blessings, then the band plays one (or two-at your request) processional pieces. More blessings are made; the bride and groom dance under the chuppe, as the band leads everyone in singing Dodi Li. Rabbi Gottlieb conducts more of the traditional prayers leading into the seven wedding benedictions which will be sanctified by the band's rendition of the traditional Chassidic melody of Asher Bara. The Rabbi concludes the service as the wedding couple stomp on a glass and the band breaks into Chossen Kalle Mazeltov & Siman tov umazeltov leading everyone into a joyous dance, lifting the newlyweds up in chairs for to celebrate and share in their simcha. The band continues with more uplifting music: Hava Nagila (in Hebrew and Spanish), and traditional Klezmer dance tunes: Bulgars, Freylekhs, Hongas, ending with the traditional Freylekh fun der khuppe.

Receptions and Parties  
No simcha is complete without the lively traditional music of the Jewish people. The Rebbe's Orkestra will bring out the joyousness of any special occasion: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Briss/baby namings, dedications and graduations. Also, Rabbi Lynn is skilled at teaching and leading Klezmer and Israeli folk dances. The band can also play quieter music as a backdrop to your guest's dinner or cocktails. This diverse group of musicians can also play requests (see repertoire list on About the or they can learn a specific piece of music if they are given enough notice --at least 2 months.

Educational Performances  
Perfect for schools and universities, senior centers and community centers, a presentation of this unique music and dance is the most entertaining way to learn about different cultures. Three members of The Rebbe's Orkestra are skilled professional teachers. Rabbi Lynn can teach dance workshops to the accompaniment of the rest of the band --or one of the band's dancing friends from Rikud Yiddish Dance Troupe can teach and lead the dances.

Musical Theater pieces  
The band's two musical theater pieces "The Dead Bride" and "Schlemiel Goes to Paradise" were written by Rabbi Gottlieb and directed by Paul Ford of Albuquerque's Theatre-in-the-making. Each piece is about 15-20 minutes long and can be performed separately or as part of a longer concert.

Specialty and theme performances  
The band can make a presentation of specific musical styles, i.e. just Klezmer, or just Sephardic. Or they can play music centered around a specific holiday or celebration. Be creative! We will work with you to customize an event.