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About the band

The Rebbe's Orkestra began in 1991 when members Beth and Randy were hired to play music for a wedding that was officiated by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb. It was such a success and so much fun that the three continued to work together for many other weddings and events.

The Rebbe's Orkestra continued to evolve into a more permanent and serious (not too serious!) 4 to 5-piece ensemble; exploring the ways in which Jewish people over the centuries have interacted with surrounding musical traditions to produce music which is unique and which celebrates the cycles of birth, marriage and the holidays. Their repertoire also moves through the yearly cycle and reflects their desire to celebrate Jewish culture more fully.  Traditional dance and ceremonial music for the Jewish wedding, 13th Century Hanukah songs from Italy, Laments in Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish songs from the Ukraine, solstice songs from America and original compositions are all part of what The Rebbe's Orkestra plays.

The Rebbe's Orkestra has also included in its repertoire the nationally acclaimed storytelling abilities of 'The Rebbe', Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb. Her vivid word and movement performances become even more dramatic when combined with the special musical themes provided by the band. Together they present a thoroughly engaging picture of Jewish culture.