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"Dear friends--goddesses all: On behalf of the Museum of Fine Arts, and all of our visitors on Saturday, we thank you for your wonderful music and presence for the opening of Nicholas & Alexandra. The museum had record attendance: 1,700 people in five hours! A good time was had by all. We were so pleased by the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the building. Your musicianship and savoir-faire were major contributors to the day's success." - Martha Landry (Event coordinator)

"There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween, but Albuquerqueans are uniquely lucky to have the oppotunity to celebrate Halloween the Balkan way , courtesy of the Duke city's own Balkan-Roma dance band, Goddess of Arno." - Michael Henningsen (Music editor--Weekly Alibi magazine)

"Dear Goddess Girls: You were (and are) awesome! I can't tell you how perfect it felt to have your incredible sounds at our party!" - Joanne Keane, ABQ

"You all sounded wonderful at the festival." - Linda Starr (ABQ Folk Festival coordinator)

"It was a ...treat hearing you ...what a wonderful group!" - Dr. Norman J. Rosen (Folkdancer and Dr. at EEFC  Balkan camp)

"...Goddess of Arno has become a point of focus on Rom, the Gypsy tradition of these [Balkan] regions...The result is a musical history lesson, an enriching cultural experience and an excting foray into the folk tradition. There's nothing quite like it." - Micheal Henningsen (Music editor, Weekly Alibi magazine)

"Thank you so much for your fabulous music! It was a joy to have you join us in the celebration of our marriage." - Love, Jenny and Alan

"I was just listening to your CD this morning while getting ready for work -- terrific! Way better than Morning Edition!"
                       - Mary B. "Bucky" (Program director at KUNM Public Radio station in ABQ, NM)

"I just got the package with your wonderful Goddess CD and I am enjoying it so much!!!!...A sheynem dank! ...I'm dancing to your CD!" - Margot Leverett (virtuoso Klezmer clarinetist and band leader of "Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys)

"...congratulations on your musical work! ...I've so much enjoyed hearing you through the years. I still remember playing with you in New Mexico, and what a great time I had with all of you and your warm musical energy."  - Sonia Tamar Seeman (Phd. professor of Ethnomusicology at U.C. Santa Barbara, virtuoso clarinetist and teacher at EEFC's Balkan camps)

"Congratulations on your CD! It's very enjoyable - my personal faves are the Macedonian tunes. It really makes me happy to hear them done so well." - Brenna MacCrimmon (Professional singer and  teacher at EEFC's Balkan music & dance camps)

"Thanks so much for taking the material I've introduced seriously. You are all so musical--your hard work really shows." - Carol Silverman (Professor of ethnomusicoloy - Univ. of Oregon, professional singer, and teacher/founder of EEFFC Balkan music & dance camps)

"Thank you for this wonderful expression of our collective love for this music. I am enjoying it immensly." - Betty Albert-Schreck (Singer and recording artist of Yiddish folk songs)

"I'm really enjoying the CD ... the tunes are bouncing around in my head and its wonderful!" - Julie Lancaster (Board member of EEFC and director of Planina, Balkan chorus in Denver, Col.)