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Basic supplies and equipment

All students need to bring to every lesson:
A notebook to write down any notes and assignments
A pocket folder or a 1½"  3-ring binder to hold music
Music books, sheet music and/or recordings

- A properly fitted violin/fiddle can be rented in ABQ at:
  Robertsons & Sons Violins, 3201 Carlisle NE. 889-2999,
  and in Santa Fe at:  
  The Violin Shop of Santa Fe, 1532 Cerrillos Rd. (across from    
  the Indian school), 982-8908
- Bow, rosin, cleaning cloth, case
- Shoulder rest (KUN or Wolf) or inexpensive sponges (usually purple) specifically for the violin are usually best for kids
- Extra rubber bands for the foam-sponge shoulder rest (I try to have some too)
- Extra set of strings
- Suggested books:
  Violin -  Suzuki books for repertoire
                 "I Can Read Music" for note-reading
                 "All for Strings" or "Artistery of Strings" for technique, repertoire                  and note-reading
  Fiddle - "The American Fiddle Method" and/or Mel Bay's "Easiest Fiddle                  Method" for repertoire
                 Same books as violin for note-reading & technique
                 For fiddle, learning "by ear" is fine too - bring blank cassette                  tapes.
*Most of the above books come with a Cd - or you can buy one separately.

- A properly fitted guitar can be bought at Marc's Guitars or Pimentel guitars   in ABQ
- For beginning students, I recommend nylon stings and a classical style   guitar
- Extra set of strings
- Folk guitarists will need several flat picks and a cassette worktape
- Suggested books:
 "A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar" by Charles Duncan with tape or CD and other supplemental books in this series

- Cassette tape to record vocalises, warm ups and accompaniments
- Karaoke CDs/tapes for songs
- sheet music
- Suggested books:
"Sight Singing Made Simple" (with CD) by David Bauguess

- Extra set of strings
- Extra flatpicks
- Strap