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About your lessons


In order for each child  to receive the most from their studies, it's important that they have full parental/guardian support. This entails encouraging daily practice, (even when there is moaning and groaning - from the student OR the instrument!), giving lots of positive reinforcement, making sure that the student has the materials they need for their lesson (see "basic supplies and equipment"), and keeping in contact and communication with the teacher.


For you to receive the most from your studies, you will have to practice regularly. For many adults, this can be a difficult "habit" to begin if we have never had to practice an instrument before, or if we haven't studied an instrument since we were children. I suggest that you write practice times into your appointment book or daily calendar. Make an appointment with yourself to practice - and show up! It can be at the same time every day - or at a different time each day. Please be patient with yourself as you begin to learn. If you find that you're getting frustrated or tense, put it down (or take a rest if you are studying voice) and pick it up again later.  Just like any worthwhile thing, it takes time, work, patience and a certain amount of relaxation to learn how to play an instrument or to sing.

Specific texts, method books or recordings may be required   as part of your lesson, but please let me know if there are any books or songs that you may also like to use (see "basic supplies and equipment" for a list of suggested books under each instrument).

Please come prepared for your lesson   with your instrument & accessories (see "basic supplies and equipment").

Every student has a pre-scheduled lesson at the same time every  week. Please come on time (a little early is OK too) and I will also do my best to be on schedule. Because I make a great part of my income by teaching private lessons, and my schedule is very full, I must charge students for all of their lessons in a month whether they show up  - or not. In the cases of illness and emergencies (i.e. accidents) I will do my best to make up a lesson if  I am notified by phone as far in advance as possible to the missed lesson. Usually, make-ups are on Saturdays or Sundays, and they must be made up within a month of the missed lesson. Naturally, if I have to miss a lesson you will not be charged. The cost of that lesson should be deducted from the next month's payment, or we could try to reschedule if you wish.

Lesson rates:  
Call/e-mail for rates. Payments are due on the first lesson of the month for the whole month. Payments received after the second lesson will be charged a $5.00 late fee. Because of holidays and school vacations, monthly payments will vary. I will give you a schedule that goes mainly by the APS school year calendar.