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About your teacher
Your teacher, Beth Cohen, is fortunate enough to enjoy a music teaching career in addition to a professional performing career. She is a life-long performing musician and music teacher, having her first music teaching experience in the 5th and 6th grades as an apprentice music teacher for the kindergarden classes at her school.  In middle school Ms. Cohen was awarded an internship to The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. In high school she apprenticed to a grade school recorder teacher and a high school special-education math teacher. Beth began singing and accompanying herself with the guitar at age 7, studied jazz piano and theory from ages 9-18, and she has had extensive classical and folk training on violin, voice, guitar and mandolin for over 25 years.  She received her Bachelor of Music in performance (voice) from the University of New Mexico, where she has also completed some graduate work.

Ms. Cohen has been the Cantorial soloist and music director at Congregation Nahalat Shalom in Albuquerque since 1995 where she also teaches the Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and directs the 18plus-piece intergenerational Community Klezmer Band. She also teaches violin and fiddle at Santa Fe School for the Arts, and has directed other school bands and orchestras.

In addition to traditional classical repertoire, Beth brings a repertoire of many ethnic styles to her students including Balkan, Klezmer (East European Jewish), Rom (Gypsy), Celtic, Scandinavian and American styles.

Beth has performed throughout the southwest as a soloist and also with the noted folk groups: Svirka women’s Balkan chorus (since 1984), Earth Angels vocal trio (since 1991), Goddess of Arno, Balkan-Roma (Gypsy) dance band (since1994), The Rebbe’s Orkestra, Klezmer and Judaic band (since 1996) and her latest ensemble Village Idioms, a Celtic, Italian and international folk trio. She loves all kinds of music and has played in many different ensembles throughout her life in addition to her current groups, including: Celtic, classical, Medieval/Renaissance, cowboy-western, reggae, bluegrass, rock, blues and international folk.

Since 1983, Beth has been running her own music studio in Albuquerque, where she teaches violin, voice, guitar and mandolin to students of all ages. The philosophy of her studio is to teach good technique and musicianship in a fun, focused and joyous atmosphere.